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Endeavor Law advises and serves small business, family-owned businesses, not-for-profits, start-ups, privately held and publicly listed companies as well as the entrepreneurs, owners, management and boards who create and/or manage them and the consultants, broker-dealers, government agencies, venture and private equity funds, investment banks and angel investors who finance and/or facilitate their growth.  Endeavor Law considers the diversity of its representation a strength that benefits all of its clients - whether they are a small local business or a large multinational operation; an angel investor or a venture capital fund; from a hopeful sole proprietor to an established senior executive.  The list below is only representative and Endeavor Law is pleased to serve new clients in any context with which it can do so effectively and efficiently.


Private, family-owned or closely held businesses are the foundation of many local and regional economies. These business structures often offer unique challenges due to the consideration of the goals and ambitions of the entrepreneurs or business-owners involved; the size, scope and complexity of the business or industry itself; cash flow and the need for, and availability of, financing; the inherent relationship dynamics of family-owned and closely held businesses; and the need for, and affordability of, professional advisors. Endeavor Law's private business clients range from sophisticated deal makers to practical business owners who all demand responsive, insightful, effective and cost-efficient legal services. Endeavor Law strives to provide practical, business-focused legal advice and services that is sensitive to the unique needs of each private, family-owned or closely held business so that resulting legal service reflects the particular client's needs and stated goals in terms of growth, tax and asset protection while mindful of that client's sensitivity to risk and costs.


Start-up companies and the innovative and growth oriented entrepreneurs, angel investors and venture capital funds have played a critical role in the development of the innovation, discovery and technology industries in British Columbia and indeed throughout the world. Unique perhaps in terms of its sense of urgency, the limited resources available and the potential for growth; start-up and venture capital legal services require focused, pragmatic legal counsel, blended with strategic business advice, through all phases of development from the formation stage, through the financing and growth stage and the longer term objectives such as exit strategies and public financing. Endeavor Law has acted on behalf of a number of start-ups and the angel investors and leading venture capital firms that finance them, helping to develop the most suitable business structures and facilitate the necessary financing from friends and family, government incentives, angel investors, venture capitalists, private equity, strategic partners or traditional lenders while keeping costs and efficiency in mind.


Existing and aspiring publicly-traded issuers and the underwriters, broker-dealers and advisers that serve the public markets are facing unprecedented changes to the regulatory framework as well as unprecedented challenges in the financing, reporting and governance landscape in which they operate. At the same time the costs of going-public, compliance and reporting continue to increase, redirecting much needed capital from core business areas and placing undue hardship on issuers, their boards of directors and management. Endeavor Law has the knowledge and experience obtained from over twenty years of securities law practice to help public market participants understand and adapt to changes in the regulatory framework and overcome the challenges in the financing, reporting and governance landscape.


More than ever before individuals serving on boards of directors of publicly-traded issuers, private companies and non-profit organizations and any special committee of those boards are being held accountable for the actions or omissions of the businesses they oversee and are now facing unprecedented challenges from activist shareholders, unwanted inquiries from opportunistic competitors and changes to the regulatory framework as well as the reporting and governance landscape in which they operate. Endeavor Law has the knowledge and experience to advise directors and committee members on their duties and obligations, identify and implement procedures to mitigate potential liability as well as assist directors and committee members to understand and adapt to changes in the regulatory framework and overcome the challenges in the reporting and governance landscape. Endeavor Law can be particularly helpful in transactional matters where directors or committee members need advice or legal counsel perhaps independent of their traditional legal advisers or transactional legal counsel.


In-house lawyers and legal departments today face increasing complexity and workloads and in many cases decreasing resources and budgets. Endeavor Law has experience working with in-house lawyers and legal departments to provide timely support and overflow assistance and issue or transactional specific advice and legal service. Endeavor Law strives to understand the particular industry or business serviced by in-house or legal department counsel and, in consultation with such counsel, seeks to resolve current issues and transactional legal needs as well as evaluate trends and changes to anticipate future legal needs. Endeavor Law is also pleased to assist local, national and international law firms and legal practitioners who require specialized, local legal support or advice for their clients or who have a conflict in acting on a particular matter – respecting the originating client-law firm relationship while understanding the need for responsive and efficient local representation in the modern global business and legal services environment.

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