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Corporate Law




Endeavor Law offers an extensive range of corporate legal advice and services to individuals, co-venturers and business entities forming, maintaining or restructuring a corporation, not-for-profit society, partnership, trust or joint venture with a local, provincial or national scope.  Endeavor Law has extensive experience structuring business undertakings and ownership structures; resolving (and avoiding) shareholder disputes; buying, selling or reorganizing a business undertaking,  advising owners, boards and committees on corporate governance  as well as corporate, society and partnership legislation compliance.


Endeavor Law's business organization and corporate services include:

  • Advising, structuring and if necessary formalizing business organizations - whether in the form of sole proprietorships, corporations (company, community contribution company, or benefit corporation), not-for-profits and societies, partnerships (general, limited or LLP), trusts, co-operatives and joint ventures

  • Ownership and capital structures including single class share structures, multi or dual class share structures, tax related share structures or other forms of participation or ownership interests

  • Incorporation (both BC and federal), extra-provincial registration, registered and/or records office services, annual maintenance and limited partnership registration

  • Shareholders' Agreements, Founders' Agreements, Voting Agreements, Share Rights Agreements, Stock Option and other Equity Compensation Plans

  • Amalgamations, arrangements, mergers & acquisitions, continuance, reorganizations and other material alterations

  • Divestitures, succession planning, dissolution and restorations

  • Shareholder disputes, claims and changes of control

  • Corporate governance, management structures, conflicts of interest, independent committees and other fiduciary matters

  • Ongoing compliance with corporate and partnership legislation requirements


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