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Independent Directors & Special Committees


Endeavor Law is a boutique corporate law firm located in Vancouver, British Columbia that provides corporate governance and conflict management legal counsel to the boards of directors, special committees and independent directors of publicly-traded issuers, private companies and non-profit organizations.  More than ever before individuals serving on boards of directors of publicly-traded issuers, private companies and non-profit organizations and any special committee of those boards are being held accountable for the actions or omissions of the businesses they oversee and are now facing unprecedented challenges from activist shareholders, unwanted inquiries from opportunistic competitors and changes to the regulatory framework as well as the reporting and governance landscape in which they operate.


Endeavor Law has the knowledge and experience to advise directors and committee members on their duties and obligations, identify and implement procedures to mitigate potential liability as well as assist directors and committee members to understand and adapt to changes in the regulatory framework and overcome the challenges in the reporting and governance landscape. Endeavor Law can be particularly helpful in transactional matters where directors or committee members need advice or legal counsel perhaps independent of their traditional legal advisers or transactional legal counsel.

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