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Endeavor Law is a boutique business law firm in Vancouver, British Columbia providing cannabis law (as well as related corporate law, commercial law and securities law) advice and services to start-up, private and venture to mid-cap public domestic and international cannabis sector clients, including licensed and applicant producers and retail dispensary license applicants on various matters including licensing, financing, regulation, business acquisition and mergers and go-public transactions. Endeavor also works with many service providers to the cannabis industry including branding professionals, researcher and security companies. A legalized recreational cannabis industry will bring with it new opportunities for business and industry.  However, legal and regulatory complexities remain as federal, provincial and even municipal governments develop regimes governing the production, distribution and sale of recreational use cannabis.

"Endeavor Law has acted on behalf of private and publicly-traded cannabis firms involved in the production, retail, pharmaceutical, delivery device and natural health product industries facilitating private and public debt and equity financing, merger & acquisition and go-public transactions on Canada's venture stock exchanges."


With access to a network of national and international litigation, intellectual property and regulatory sector specialists, Endeavor Law can facilitate representation and advice on litigation, regulatory matters, intellectual property, tax, environmental, employment, competition and foreign licensing as well as regulatory, intellectual property and investment aspects of transactions involving participants in the cannabis sector as and when appropriate given the size or scope of the client or needed given the complexity or jurisdiction of the legal issues involved.

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