Going Public In Canada - The Canadian Securities Exchange ("CSE")

The Canadian Securities Exchange (the "CSE") is one of three primary stock exchanges in Canada; focused on providing a modern and efficient alternative for emerging or growth companies looking to access the Canadian public capital markets. The CSE, formerly the Canadian Trading and Quotation System Inc. (CNQ) and Canadian National Securities Exchange (CNSX), is operated by CNSX Markets Inc and was recognized as a stock exchange in 2004.

The CSE offers potential or existing issuers a cost effective alternative to Canada's two larger and affiliated stock exchanges, The Toronto Stock Exchange and TSX Venture Exchange with lower listing fees and subsequent flat monthly fee that includes unlimited transactions rather than an annual and transaction based model used by the other two exchanges. The CSE also differs from its competitors by requiring listed issuers facilitate enhanced disclosure by posting required disclosure documents and forms, including monthly activity reports, on a dedicated disclosure web site and providing those listed issuers with a streamlined exchange regulatory model which provides no transactional stock exchange reviews, approvals or fees.

Further details on the CSE can be found here.

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