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Endeavor Law is a boutique law corporation located in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada with a focus on small and medium sized business (often now referred to as "small & medium sized enterprises" or "SMEs") both privately-owned and publicly listed.  While representing many such businesses, we also advise and represent the entrepreneurs, management and investors who create, build, manage and finance Canada's small and medium sized business which drives Canada's economy.

Experience goes a long way when evaluating any lawyer, or law firm. Endeavor Law has over 20 years of experience practicing corporate, commercial and securities law - leveraging the knowledge and experience gained at a large general practice law firm with the practical, flexible and efficient approach learned at a specialized boutique firm.


Endeavor Law focuses on commercial, corporate and finance legal matters that generally define "business law" for small and medium sized business.  This focus ensures our clients receive effective and efficient legal counsel and services of the highest quality while permitting independent referrals for unique or jurisdictional matters to reputable specialized legal counsel as and when needed. For local and regional businesses contemplating or implementing a national, North American or global undertaking, we have developed contacts and working relationships with legal, finance, accounting and consulting firms of all sizes and specialties throughout Canada and the United States and in many international jurisdictions where clients do business.


Endeavor Law does not represent itself as a firm specialized in the needs of one industry, nor would we want to. We consider the experience across various local, regional and national industries and markets – for and on behalf of clients doing or supporting business in many different contexts – is itself an asset and we are proud that fact.

Simply put, Endeavor Law serves small and medium sized business and investment by focusing on what can make a good lawyer (knowledge, experience, advocacy, execution and professionalism) and avoiding what can make a poor law firm (high overhead, high billing targets, high hourly rates, over-lawyering and poor communication). We strive to be a trusted advisor to our clients and we seek our own success through the success of each and every one of our clients.  We are happy to discuss our services and pricing and welcome any comparison with other boutique, and even medium sized business law firms.







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Endeavor Law's News, Updates and Publications page provides business and investment news, important regulatory and legislative developments, case law updates, guidance for new and seasoned entrepreneurs and investors as well as  general information on corporate, commercial and securities law matters. Readers are reminded that our publications do not constitute legal advice and must not be used as a substitute for legal advice from a legal professional in your jurisdiction who is fully informed of your circumstances.


Choosing the most appropriate business structure from the outset can be the key to the future success of your business and avoid costly and time-consuming issues in the future as you grow your business.  Endeavor Law provides advice about the best way to structure your business and provide fast, efficient and effective incorporation and post-incorporation organization legal services to help you get your business up and running as quickly and cost-effectively as possible as well as low-cost maintenance packages to keep your corporation, association, partnership or trust in good standing.  We are happy to review existing business structures with a view identifying and fixing potential problems tp ensure future success and viability.

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Endeavor Law Corporation offers consultation, legal advice and/or services in person or via Skype or ZOOM (by appointment only), by e-mail or by telephone but only after being formally engaged to do so and complying with conflict of interest and know-your-client obligations. 


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If you are interested in a consultation, engaging Endeavor Law or exploring a possible engagement, please contact Endeavor Law directly through the telephone number, email address or Online Form provided below. Please note that submitting an Online Form/ e-mail does not create a solicitor-client relationship with Endeavor Law and such a solicitor-client relationship will arise only if there is a written Engagement Agreement to act on your behalf and until such an Engagement Agreement exists you should not provide any confidential information or material.  

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