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Commercial Law




Endeavor Law offers contract and commercial legal advice and services to individual entrepreneurs and business entities across a broad array of business structures and industries.  Endeavor Law has extensive experience advising owners, management, investors and advisers with respect to assets purchase and sale agreements; commercial leasing matters; commercial loans & lending security arrangements; employment matters; sales & distribution agreements; licence agreements; intellectual property matters; equipment leasing; privacy and anti-SPAM laws;  as well as various other general contracting and commercial matters.


Endeavor Law's business organization and corporate services include:

  • Commercial and alternative borrowing and lending including equipment financing

  • Commercial leasing

  • Asset or share purchase and sale agreements

  • Licensing agreements, manufacturing agreements, distribution and sales agreements

  • Corporate, commercial, acquisition and business due diligence

  • Employment standards compliance, employment and contractor agreements, non-disclosure and non-competition agreements

  • Privacy law and legislation compliance

  • Anti-SPAM legislation (CASL) compliance

  • Ongoing compliance with sales of goods, consumer protection, landlord & tenant, commercial lease , personal security and other commercial legislation requirements


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